Am I Too Old to Feel this Lost?

I love Bloglovin’. It’s my go-to place for all things bloggy. Obviously, I follow blogs there. But I also look for inspiration, what do other people like me write about? What do they do to stand out in the blog world? How do they style their blogs? What can I learn from them? Continue reading “Am I Too Old to Feel this Lost?”

Stress | A Very Busy New Year and How I’m (kinda) Handling It

Is it me or is January just dragging?! I keep thinking it’s near the end of the month and then I remember we’ve only just ended the first week! I have mixed feelings about this; on one hand, I have a lot that I need to get done over the next couple of months so a slow crawl through time should be beneficial but on the other hand, a much larger part of me is really wanting this month over already. There are quite a few changes already in the works (mostly at work) that should make my life easier and bring my stress level down. I need these changes to take effect.
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Gratitude: Day 15 | Your Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day for as long as I can remember has been mid-morning, between 9 am and 11 am. There are a few other times of day I enjoy, some of them vary by season, but these 2 hours remain consistent. Unfortunately this ideal time of day, for me, is usually spent in a windowless room staring at boards and monitors hating everything, but on my days off this time of morning is my happiness. Continue reading “Gratitude: Day 15 | Your Favorite Time of Day”

Gratitude: Day 14 | A Basic Need That Has Been Met

Shelter. When trying to think of things to be grateful for it can sometimes be easy to focus on the big or small things, or the odd things, and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the basic things. The things many of us take for granted home, food, clothes, etc. We don’t think about being grateful for these things because we always assume they will be there. For many, it is easy to forget that these basic parts of life are not a given for everyone. Continue reading “Gratitude: Day 14 | A Basic Need That Has Been Met”