Gratitude: Day 13 | Songs You Love

When I was young, my parents only allowed us to listen to Christian music. It wasn’t until my early teens that I was allowed to make my own decisions about what music I enjoyed. This was the mid-nineties and while most of my peers were embracing the rise of the latest boy bands I found my interests leaned more towards the classics. I loved older music, 50s, 60s, and 70s were my jam (literally). I discovered Billy Joel, who remains, to this day, one of my favorite artists.

During my early and mid teens, while my parents were divorcing and my life in general took a turn for the unstable, music was my constant. It helped me deal with the changes happening around me, and to me, that I had no say in and couldn’t control. It helped me feel less alone and inspired my dreams. This love has carried through to my adult years, and I still get super stoked every time I find a new song or artist to love.

Gratitude: Day 13 | Songs You Love |

Since I’m a big fan of a wide range of music, I thought for this post I would stick to a top 5 list. And they are…

Jonny Lang – Breaking Me

I’ve loved this song for years. Lang’s voice is unparalleled in passion and expression. He’s long been one of my favorite artists, and this song is definitely one of his best. I’ve been known to come home from a long day at work, lock myself in my room, and listen to this song on full blast to drown out the stress and anxiety of the day. To be honest, I could use just about any of Jonny Lang’s music to de-stress, but this is my favorite song of his, so it’s my go to.

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

This song tops my workout playlist. Most of Muse’s music works well for a workout soundtrack, but this one’s opening beats are great for motivating me to get my butt moving. This song puts me in a great head space and while listening to it I feel empowered to take on the world. On a side note, it also makes me feel like punching something….but in a nice way (thinking I should take up kickboxing).

Jolene – The White Stripes (Dolly Parton cover)

I am the only person I know who doesn’t hate this cover. I love it! It is my favorite cover of any song I’ve ever heard, bar none. I’m a big fan of Dolly Parton, and a big fan of The White Stripes, while I enjoy the original version, I adore this cover. I’ve heard of couple other covers of this song, they’ve all kept pretty true to the original and I’d rather just listen to the original. Maybe that’s why I like this cover so much, it’s different and unexpected.

She Used To Be Mine – Sara Bareilles

This is a more recent addition to my most loved songs. It’s one of the main pieces in the Broadway musical “Waitress” for which Bareilles wrote the musical numbers. I know this song, I relate to this song in so many ways, I feel this song in my bones. This song is my song (minus the bit about being knocked up, ‘cause nah). In general, I’m not a huge fan of Sara Bareilles, her songs are more hit or miss with me, some I enjoy, others not so much. This song is a hit for me on so many levels, it soars above any of her other music. I can, and have, listened to it on repeat for hours.

Black – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has long  been one of my favorite bands. While I was a bit too young to appreciate them in their prime, I discovered them not long after the demise of the Seattle rock heyday. They are one of the most iconic bands ever, due in no small part to Eddie Vedder’s distinctive voice. Black is the perfect track to appreciate all that this band has to offer, their talent is striking. It also has what is, in my opinion, the best line ever written. The last line of the entire song, listen to it, appreciate it, and be thankful.

I know I said earlier that Billy Joel is my favorite artist, and I’m pretty sure you were expecting to see him on this list because of that, and I fully intended to include him, but there are just too many songs of his that I love to narrow it down. So, I opted to leave him off the list. Maybe I should make another list for just him….hmmm.

What are some of your favorite songs?

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