Gratitude: Day 15 | Your Favorite Time of Day

My favorite time of day for as long as I can remember has been mid-morning, between 9 am and 11 am. There are a few other times of day I enjoy, some of them vary by season, but these 2 hours remain consistent. Unfortunately this ideal time of day, for me, is usually spent in a windowless room staring at boards and monitors hating everything, but on my days off this time of morning is my happiness.

Gratitude: Day 15 | Your Favorite Time of Day |

I’m not really a morning person, in that I don’t really like getting out of bed, or waking up to alarms, but I do enjoy the morning when I get to actually enjoy it rather than rush through it. If I didn’t have to get up and go to work (particularly a job I don’t enjoy) I would always be up early. I love lazy mornings, slow mornings.

When I was little my dad used to get up before dawn to go to work. I would always get up just after he left and go out and sit with my mom. She would make me hot chocolate and we would usually watch QVC. I inevitably would always fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours and then get up again at a more normal time, but those wee hours of the morning were always special for me.

Now that I’m older the only time I’m up before dawn is when I’m stressed or otherwise have insomnia. I don’t mind being up around 7, but the earlier part of morning doesn’t carry any special feeling for me. Mid-morning is the time of day I love. It’s when the world seems to wake up. In the fall/winter the overnight frost starts to melt, in spring/summer the dew begins to dry, the birds and animals start getting active and there’s something special in the air.

These days it’s hard for me to find things that make me really happy and peaceful, even during my favorite time of day. It seems I’m always focused on the things that bring me grief and stress. It’s hard for me to focus on what I enjoy when those things are so easily drowned out by the rest of life. I’m working on changing that. I have some plans (which I’ll try to share in due time) that will hopefully help me replace some hours of anxiety with hours of peace and growth.

What is your favorite time of day?

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