Gratitude: Day 2 | What Do You Love About Where You Live

Chicago. The Windy City. Home of Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, Capone, and The Cubs. It’s a city with a rich history of sports, politics, corruption, and art. A city with a stark but beautiful contrast between classic and modern architecture. A bustling, urban epicenter nestled within a thousand parks; bordered by the vast and wild Lake Michigan.

I have traveled from coast to coast, I’ve been to almost every state and I’ve visited hundreds of cities from small villages to roaring metropolis’. I’ve never been to a city I love quite as much as Chicago. Of course, the city famously has plenty of problems, but this city is a survivor, and will continue to thrive through whatever trials may appear.

Gratitude Day 2: What Do You Love About Where You Live |

I moved to Chicago three and a half years ago, in May of 2014. I needed a new start (again) and I was determined to finally make a go of living out my dreams. Of course, the last bit didn’t happen (again), but I’ve slowly managed to etch out a life here that wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else.

I live in a classic studio on a tree-lined street, on the north side of the city, two blocks from the beach. I’m surrounded by old buildings, parks and all the amenities I could possibly want or need. A short commute to the heart of the city give me easy access to museums, more parks, street art, and my personal favorite up close views of some of the most gorgeous architecture in the country.

I love exploring this city. In my free time one of my favorite things to do is wander through parts that I’ve never been to before. It seems in every corner there is a sculpture I’ve never seen, or some intricate relief carved into a building I’ve never noticed. in addition to the skyscrapers and the old stone office buildings, there are churches and store fronts with windows and doors that could be considered art in themselves.

Chicago is inspiring. There’s something in the air here that compels you to action. Whatever your goal, business, the arts, science, or even religion, Chicago offers the way. Even for people like me, who can’t quite seem to get a solid footing on their path in life, the atmosphere of this city inspires you to keep going and find a new way forward. For me, living here has been the difference between moving forward and giving up. I may not be moving in the same direction as before, or towards the same goal, but I’m still going. I’m still finding my way, I’m still looking for the right path, and the right target, but I’m still going.

These are the things I love about where I live. These are the things that make me want to stay here. These are the things that make me struggle to choose between the adventures I want to live exploring other places, and the successes I think I could achieve staying here. I love Chicago, and wherever life may lead me, whether it’s a new neighborhood or a new state, I see Chicago always being home.

What do you love about where you live?

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