Gratitude: Day 3 | Something You Love About Your Dad

Before I get started on today’s gratitude post, I thought it might be nice to give a little behind the scenes info on this gratitude series.

For starters, I was looking for a way to get me into the habit of writing regularly, a 30 day post plan seemed like a great way to jump-start that. Given that it’s November, a month of gratitude seemed like the way to go, if not a little cliché.

There is no shortage to gratitude writing prompts, and I’ve gleamed them all looking for the ones most appropriate for me and my life. I selected the best, wrote them all on strips of paper and put them in a small bucket. I will be selecting one strip a day and writing a small post each day based on the selection.

Today’s selection is all about Dear, Old, Dad.

Gratitude: Day 3 | Something You Love About Your Dad

My dad and I have a complicated relationship. Once upon a time he was my idol, I was a complete “daddy’s girl”. But then I grew up and his truth was revealed and it’s never been the same since. My dad has had his moments but he was never going to be a nominee for dad of the year.

That said, this post is about what I love about my dad, which despite his shortcomings, is still quite a bit. He has a wonderful sense of humor, he tells great stories, he can fix anything, and on some level, he loves me. Plus, he’s my dad.

When I was little I was as girly as they come. I always wore dresses and skirts, I was in ballet, and I loved Barbie and baby dolls. The only toy I ever had that wasn’t 100% girly was a toy tool belt. I would wear my little plastic hammer and wrench (with a dress of course) while I followed my dad as he fixed things around the house.

We didn’t have much money, when anything broke (furnace, water heater, water pump, the family car etc.) my dad would have to fix it since we couldn’t afford either a new one or a repair man. Throughout my life I was always the one to assist in these repairs. I handed my dad the tools he needed, I turned on and off power switches as needed, and held the light so he could see in the dark corners.

As cute as that sounds, it actually proved quite educational as well. I can proudly say that if you ever have a plumbing issue, I’m your girl. Thanks to my dad I can fix most things when needed, and I’m pretty techie too. I owe a good deal of my independence to my dad. Because of him, I’ve never had to rely on someone else to handle things for me around the house. While I do occasionally need some help, there’s very little I encounter that I can’t manage at least most of the way on my own.

Because of our somewhat rocky relationship, when I first set out to write this post I struggled to begin. After giving it some thought, I know there is more that I could say about the good parts of my father, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

What is something you love about your dad?

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