Gratitude: Day 5 | What is the Best Thing that Happened Today

I left work early today.

Gratitude: Day 5 | What is the Best Thing that Happened Today |

To give you some background, I work for a security company in the loop. I’ve worked here for two years as of October 1. I took a pay cut to leave the job I had previously (the job that allowed me to move to Chicago). My previous job was high stress, I worked long hours, and came home to lie in bed and stress over the next day. I was miserable and felt sick most of the time. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked some friends and one had the hookup to my current job.

When I started it was great. I had the perfect schedule and the job was decent. Low stress, and when I left, I left the job at the office and didn’t even think about work in my off time. I was at peace and happy. About a year ago, all that changed. I was “moved up” in the company. A promotion I neither asked for nor wanted, but it wasn’t offered, it was simply given (read: forced).

In the year since I was promoted everything has changed. It’s gotten progressively worse over time, but at this point I’m just about as bad off as I was at my previous job. I work crazy overtime, I stress constantly, and there are days when I spend a good portion of time nursing nausea. I’ve been actively looking for a new job but I worry that it will be a move from bad to the same, and it doesn’t really matter because I’ve not managed more than one interview yet and that job ended up being too far away. However, today was a huge exception from the norm.

Usually on the weekend I’m playing catch-up from everything I didn’t get done during the week, and the week is catch-up for what I didn’t get done the previous weekend. It’s an ongoing cycle from hell. When I arrived at work today, I had less than half the work I normally have. In fact, this whole week has gone remarkably well, which is the reason I had less to catch-up on today. Also, everything today went so smoothly that I am perfectly on target to have all of my work done on time in the coming week as well!

This is fantastic!

So, today, I left work a whole hour and 30 minutes early. Something I never do. Ever. While I still had some stress that the second I left the whole world would explode, I have since been able to relax and let those fears go. I haven’t received any calls from the office so things must be going well (if they weren’t, they would definitely be calling me). I was able to get several errands completed before coming home, I did some chores around my apartment, and now I’m sitting on my couch working on my blog, something that brings me more and more joy the more I get to do it. Today has been a Really. Good. Day.

What is the best thing that happened for you today?

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