Fab 5 July – End of 2017 Reading List

I started this year with high expectations of reading a book a month. This has totally NOT happened. I’ve read all of one book this whole year. One.

Despite the slow start, and the very unexpected apartment shenanigans, I am determined to finish strong. Continue reading “Fab 5 July – End of 2017 Reading List”

Stress | A Very Busy New Year and How I’m (kinda) Handling It

Is it me or is January just dragging?! I keep thinking it’s near the end of the month and then I remember we’ve only just ended the first week! I have mixed feelings about this; on one hand, I have a lot that I need to get done over the next couple of months so a slow crawl through time should be beneficial but on the other hand, a much larger part of me is really wanting this month over already. There are quite a few changes already in the works (mostly at work) that should make my life easier and bring my stress level down. I need these changes to take effect.
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